Meet today’s demand for clean label and gluten-free with TNT Simply Classic.

Seven common, easily recognized ingredients, give selective guests the same juicy tenderness and flavor of our premium burger patty in a clean label* patty.


Seven simple ingredients

Beef Water Mustard Salt Beef fat Black pepper Natural flavor

100% gluten-free.


Same great TNT flavor; perfectly seasoned for right-off-the-grill natural beef flavor

Proprietary recipe process locks in moisture for a juicy burger every time


Competitive hold time ensures juiciness and tenderness

Consistently superior texture in every bite


Preparation and storage convenience of an IQF patty

Cooks from frozen – no slacking or waiting

*very few ingredients used

The burger
for discriminating guests

Clean Label is forecasted to be
a $180 billion global market by 20201

Don’t leave a void on your menu. Offer flavorful burgers that
the growing clean label crowd will embrace.

80% of consumers are more likely to buy if they recognize all the ingredients2
1/3 of consumers say it’s important to have a gluten-free burger option3
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1 Euromonitor, 2016
2 Food Ingredients First, 2017
3 Technomic Burger Trend Report, 2015

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