TNT Original

It’s the premium patty that set the standard for overall quality based on appearance, aroma, taste, flavor and texture.


TNT Simply Classic

A premium clean label* patty that meets today’s selective guests who seek out products with fewer, more recognizable ingredients.


* Very few ingredients used

Frozen Vs. Fresh.
The Sure Bet.

What can frozen offer that fresh can’t?

TNT frozen patties offer the consistent assurance that every single burger delivers a sensory experience comparable to fresh.1


  • Zero food waste
  • Longer shelf life and fewer throwaways
  • Reduced kitchen labor costs
  • Less market volatility and more stable pricing


  • Preformed - for consistent quality and control while cooking
  • Cooks from frozen – no slacking or waiting
  • Portion controlled – take only what you need
  • Frees up refrigerator space – no managing "fresh" expiration dates
  • Available year-round – no order shorting


  • Rigorous E.coli testing and test-and-hold safety protocols
  • Freezing helps inhibit microbial growth
  • Enhanced shelf life reduces spoilage concerns

The Finest
Of The Frozen

Not only is TNT a reliably consistent, high-performance frozen patty, it has been shown to be even higher in overall flavor and texture than fresh.1

1. Cargill Internal Sensory Panel of 112 consumers comparing
fresh vs. frozen patties of 78:22 lean:fat ratio, August 2015, Wichita, KS

Lock in quality at the peak of freshness
Cook up with same premier attributes every time
Retain their juiciness, texture and flavor