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There simply is nothing better than a TNT™ Burger…except for a TNT™ Burger that saves you money. Take advantage of these offers:


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Current Promotion

promotion 2024

For a limited time, get up to $5,0001 cash back on all TNT™ Burger purchases. To receive the maximum savings, sign up for our CraveMail e-newsletter and receive additional savings of $1.00 off 20 lb. cases and $0.50 off a 10 lb. cases, up to $5,000 total.

To receive the discount, all purchasers MUST download the coupon here OR acquire one from their distributor or Cargill Foodservice sales representative. Valid for commercial operators only. To order, contact your distributor or connect with your Cargill Foodservice sales representative at 1-800-373-6515.

1. Non-CraveMail Subscribers: $2 off per 20lb case for first 0-25 cases; then $2.50 off per 20lb case for 26-100 cases; then $3 off per 20lb cases for 101+ cases, up to $5,000 maximum. Operators will receive $1 off for each 10lb case; every 2 10lb case purchases counts as 1 case towards the 20lb tiers.