What Sets
TNT apart?

TNT set the standard for foodservice burger quality and continues to help operators deliver a tasty burger experience every day.


Premium ingredients and meat choices help you command higher prices


Our proprietary recipe locks in moisture and each patty is perfectly seasoned for that just-off-the-grill natural beef flavor


Exceptional tenderness and 3 hour plus hold time increase efficiencies and protect profits


Preparation and storage convenience of an IQF patty with a taste that sensory testing has shown to outperform fresh*

*Cargill Internal Sensory Panel of 112 consumers comparing fresh vs. frozen patties of 78:22 lean:fat ratio, August 2015, Wichita, KS

Dozens of SKUS –
one quality standard

A variety of grinds, sizes and shapes, all crafted from the finest ingredients and then frozen to lock in ultimate taste and performance.

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TNT Simply Classic