TNT & Certified Angus Beef ® Brand team up for superior taste.

TNT’s line of TNT ™ & Certified Angus Beef ® Brand patties consistently delivers the ultimate burger experience.

These premium patties feature the stand-alone flavor of our award-winning TNT recipe plus the added value of being made from the highest-quality Angus beef on the market.


TNT ™ & Certified Angus Beef ® Brand stands for premium quality and delivers on today’s menu trends


Proprietary recipe and process lock in moisture for a juicy burger every time


3 hour plus hold time ensures consistent quality


IQF form simplifies prep and enhances menuing consistency

Discover the TNT ™ & Certified Angus Beef ® Brand Difference

TNT burgers made with Certified Angus Beef ® Brand meet the stringent expectations of the  TNT & Certified Angus Beef ® Brand program. This allows you to command higher menu prices and helps ensure an exceptional dining experience.

3 in 10 Angus cattle accepted
10 quality specifications set by leading experts and scientists
Meets stringent grading in marbling, maturity, sizing, appearance and tenderness
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TNT Simply Classic


TNT Original